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Once I moved out of my comfort zones such as my hometown and country and went to London, I had a hard time settling here. Despite is not my first-time living abroad, adopting to London was much more difficult than adopting to 5 months in Seoul. During my study experience here at Brunel University in London I have learned so many things. One of major things that I have learned is discovering The Bigger Picture and I would like to write more personal and elaborated thoughts on this topic.

PEOPLE PERCEIVE DIFFERENTLY. I have always known that people are very different, but due to living in London I now can really understand the fact that people are very different. Studying at an international Business School gave me the opportunity to have met so many people from different background, different country, different culture and different personalities. The biggest thing that I have learned here, due to working with different people and because my friend really addressed this to me, is that people can perceive things very differently. People have different manners and their norms and values might not be the same as yours. I understand people's behaviour, but that doesn't mean that would be my behaviour too, that I'd adapt it or that I'd agree with it. I can be totally disagreeing with their behaviour or opinion, but at least need I understand and respect it. Therefore, I should think that I must keep everyone in their own value.

This is definitely not rocket science and you might be thinking: but isn't this just general knowledge? Yes it is, but I realised how much big of a deal it sometimes can be, since I have notice some people can be extremely narrow-minded or short-sighted. Personally, it has really affected me how I approach to people. Not only strangers but even to my boyfriend, best friends and family.  I think of my own words before I speak, or in most cases, before I type (#screengeneration). It is not only about not trying to offend anyone, but more importantly, I want to get my point across correctly. Even though they might disagreeing with me or I am disagreeing with them, we must let each other in our value because simply put: everyone is living their own life and are therefore obligated to make their own choices. Who are you to tell them what they should do or vice versa: who the hell are you to tell me what choices I should make.

DIVERSITY IS THE BEAUTY OF LIFE. To go on further, a good person can understand, accept and respect people's perceptions, opinions and behaviour. But a better person is someone who besides understand, accept, respect also comprehend and interpret information combined with their own meanings, knowledge and beliefs. In my opinion, this is getting The Bigger Picture. And this picture will only get bigger and bigger as you grow up and become more mature. The world is not only about you.  It is also about the willingness to learn and allowing yourself to bring new perspectives of others into your life and be more open-minded. Once you understand The Bigger Picture instead of cutting everyone off who you don't stand, rather you will see the beauty in the diversity of people and foremost, the beauty in life.

Likewise, the more you see the beauty in life, hopefully you can find your inner peace as well by accepting that every human's perspective is different and that yours, is just yours. Yours is not wrong, just as their's not wrong as well. Don't be afraid to have your own identity shown, so let all the negative feelings go. Nobody can control the uncontrollable, The Bigger Picture, it is just seeing the reality, the truth, and learn to deal with it.


  1. If only more people thought this way we would have a much more happier world


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