Sue + Talk 1 • Airplane Rant

Another new series that I am launching today: Sue + Talk. Sue + Talk is different from Sue + Life. In this series I will share my personal stories, thoughts and experiences about life, whereas Sue + Life is less casual and more theoretical. To kick off, my Airplane Rant. 
I am so relieved and excited. My last two exams are over and I finished at 12pm. After some errands I go  to Stansted Airport immediately via the airport bus from Finchley Road. Even though the queues are really long in the security I still manage to be inside the airport in 20 minutes. Shopping! Yes, that is what I want to do. A new foundation for £21? Nah, I will think about. But I say yes to two skincare products, one for myself and one for my boyfriend. I try to make a small chit chat while paying for my lunch:

She: “Hello! Eat in or take out?”
Me: “Take out please”
She: “Is that all?”
Me: “Yes.” Hmm, she reminds me of my Finnish friend. 
Me: “Are you from Finland?
She: “What?”
Me: “Are you from Finland?”
She: “What?”
Me: “Finland?!”
She: “No. Why?”
Me: “Oh, I asked because of your accent.”
She: “Ah okay.” *awkward*
She: “£14.99 please”
Me: “Where are you from then?”
She: “Holland.”
Me: “Oh! Ik ook (Dutch for “me too”).
She: “Poland”
Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry.”
Me: “Excuse me haha”
She: “No, no it’s fine. Enjoy your meal”
Me: “Thank you.”

Maybe it is awkward, but at least I have been spontaneous and was the initiator of a chit chat.

Once I sit down inside the plane I was still really happy. Too bad I am the only one who get a window seat, without a window.  Great. I am travelling from London to Galway to have a long weekend at my boyfriend’s. Everything is fine until three young women are sitting behind me. They are British I think. The three girls start to talk, loudly. Like LOUDLY. I feel like my whole peace and zen is disturbed by these three. My ears are hurting because their volume is so high! Like three farmer girls on the market shouting and screaming for the cheapest deal and laughing and gossiping so hard. I look around and see if other people are annoyed as I am. I take measures by putting earplugs in and I see a man looking angrily for his earphones at the cabin above his head with a despite look towards the girls. Please, say anything to those girls?. No, he is fine with his music telling from his look and his eyes are close. I take a further look and I see a women on the other side on the aisle trying to read her newspaper and disturbed by the neighbours too.

Arghh!  I really want to say something but I don’t dare. I feel stupid by feeling so conscious wanting to say something about it. Shortly after I took out my earplugs, I got up my seat and turned my back: “Excuse me?! Can you please be uh more quite. Sorry… but you are so loud.?!.” The girl in the middle responds: “Ah okay thanks”. I am so conscious. I said it. I dare to say something to them. Then after my action start thinking about it. Man, really? Can my English be more rubbish and more Dutch than ever? I analyse that I could have made my warning prettier, more British perhaps. Throwing that “arrrr” accent in and trying to be sophisticated and cool. I look around and see if any passenger agrees with me, not really. The girls are starting again. Loudly, like a overcrowded Primark where they are trying to find each other. It is not as painful as it first was, but I am thinking.. Are you girls not taking me serious?!. After all, I put so much effort to say one sentence to strangers. I look up to that women at the other side of the aisle if she is going to say something. No, she only give few irritated looks towards them.

But well, I am proud of myself to coming up for myself and other passengers. At least I have said something. Compared to couple of years ago I wouldn’t dare to say anything. Just because I am scared of letting my voice known to strangers. But then, I am thinking: If I was in their place and a passenger would tell me to shut up in a nice way, I would. I don’t like to disturb or discomfort other people. I am way too conscious to take into account of other people in my environment. While I am typing this, the girls got their alcoholic drinks and are a bit quitter now. Still wearing earplug. Another kid is screaming. Nope, still the same volume as first. I don’t dare to say something again. Let me put some headphones on with music this time. I hope that I will land as soon as possible. 
Next time, I will do it more British, throw some more “arrrr” in and try to be more natural and sophisticated. Telling other people off takes practise. Any way, I am proud of myself and I am proud that I have finished my exams.  

But, where is the line to take action? If there are some loud people behind you, is it okay to say something about it? What about if some people are jumping queues? Or when you find a small insect in your food? If you are irritated and annoyed in a similar situation would you try to speak up your mind and tell the people off or would you just ignore it and let it be? Or is even not worth to say anything? Is it me or am I being sensitive? 

It is even more awkward when you actually see people be disturbed by other people and no ones dares to say anything. Why is it that when a kid does something wrong at the kindergarten, the supervisor would tell that kid off and teach him/her that his/her behaviours are wrong, however in the adult world it's suddenly a taboo or awkward somehow. Admittedly, I was/am one of those persons, but recently I feel more stronger that some situations are just wrong and should be corrected. I will try next time to come up for not only myself, but also others. 


  1. I think you mean finnish and not finish.... It is just one letter but a world of difference in meaning!
    I like the way you write!
    And may I add: when I am getting older, the more I just say it, if I don't like something. Not in a hard way but more in I don't like what you are doing! greeting from Conny


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