Welcome back + 3 new series!

As you may have noticed, I am finally back to blogging regularly!

Something happened in my private life 2.5 years ago, which has really drained the energy and happiness out of me for a long period of time. As a result, I have neglected my blog as well as my life such as career ambitions. I felt incredibly down and I had no desire for any growth. Of course, I have been receiving a lot of support from my boyfriend and best friends. I have written about this "situation" on my blog last year, but I have deleted it recently, because I felt like I am still not ready to talk about it publicly. Someday, maybe. ;)

Another thing that bothered me was that I kept comparing myself with other successful bloggers, which made me super unmotivated to invest time in my blog as I thought I would never achieve anything with it. However, I should not compare with them as it's their full-time job and they might have done it longer than me. Besides, I would not go for a full-time blogger job anyway, as my dream  is to be a marketer. Blogging is and has always been a hobby for me. Something that I really enjoy doing and I should keep it that way, because it makes ME happy and I should therefore keep pursuing it for my own pleasure.

As all of you can read in my bio, my blog started  in 2011 as a beauty blog and have changed the from Sueii92 to Sue + Sue. I blogged on and off back then. Slowly, but surely I am getting back with blogging and my life is going rapidly forward. I am learning so much every day (positively as well as negatively) and I am so grateful for that. I want to keep on learning and improving myself, but first and foremost: live the happy life!

As I grow more mature (now 23), my blog will too. This blog is a reflection of my life and all of my learnings, as I learn every single day in any way. So, besides beauty, you'll find more various posts about travel, life and even marketing! 

Hence, I have created 3 whole new fantastic series to launch my come back and widen my life and blog perspectives to become a better and happier person and hopefully to inspire you! 

Sue + Life. Sue + Life is a series where I share thoughts upon life. As I have said before, I am learning every single day, in any way  and especially in life as I grow more mature. This blog is a reflection of my life and hence, I would like to share certain kinds of (self-developed) theories, concepts or things that has helped me in living the better life. As I am definitely a strong believer of happiness = life. We learn happy, but also the sad things, however I believe these experiences make me as a person more mature and stronger. Sue + Life is my way of expressing how I desire to live my life. 

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Sue + Talk. Sue + Talk is different from Sue + Life, because in this series I will be sharing my own personal experiences and stories with you. It is meant to be more casual, like diary-style and it provides an outlet for me to express and reflect my feelings in various situations. I would then analyse it and argue whether I should have done things differently or these are just rants that I want to get off my chest. In Sue + Talk, I would like to talk about #littlehappinessmoments, but also topics, which we as (young) adults never really talk about it or reflect on. 

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Marketing MADNESS. I have always known since I was little I wanted to be business women as my future career. During high school I have specialised myself into the commercial side of business since I have no interest in accounting, maths, finance and that sort. I would rather be more creative in thinking, creating and influencing consumers in product marketing.  Both my Bachelors and Masters degree are in Marketing, but even with 4 years of marketing background I feel that during my Masters, I am discovering even more new perspectives and new areas that I have never thought of.  I am not only learning and studying the basics, but I'm also developing, researching, critical thinking and reviewing. 

Thus I have created Marketing MADNESS, where I can share all the real madness, research and interesting facts of marketing on my blog! 

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Certainly, my regular beauty & travel posts won't go anywhere, as I'm still a skincare and makeup junkie and traveling here and there. 

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I have created them! Happy reading! :)

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Happiness is a journey, not a destination.