New Look Work Wardrobe Fall 2016 Wishlist

Studying and living in London is extremely expensive and therefore, I said to myself not to go on crazy shopping sprees, rather I'd be more careful with my money. Now that I have finished my studies and need to look for my first job ever (!), I am in need of a new work wardrobe to look representative at the office! I haven't really put much effort in my clothing style as study was more important obviously. My daily outfits were sloppy but comfortable clothing.  Hence, I have been looking forward to this moment when I finally could have my own monthly income and give myself a fashion makeover! 
I found that New Look has the best pieces to my taste and have therefore put together my New Look Work Wardrobe Wishlist for Fall 2016!

As the weather is turning slowly, but surely into the Fall season, the collection is also inspired by Fall colours such as: burgundy, khaki, chestnut brown, 50 shades of grey, dark green and obviously, black. Including texture and materials such as: wool, ribbed, velvet and suede. I aim for more one piece dresses, as it looks very sharp, sophisticated and are easy to wear at the same time. Moreover, I think skirts are really fashionable whilst professional, as long as they are not too short. Neutral coloured skirts can easily be paired with nice tops, sweaters and blouses. I like those office trousers, as if they are professional yet fashionable. I have thick legs, so often these trousers don't suit me really.. But hopefully one day I can find a perfect one! Cardigans are crucial layering pieces. Shoes that are more office approved are neutral colour in heels, boots or oxford style flats. It needs to look slick, but it also needs to be comfy as you are walking in them every day.  Trench coats are perfect transition piece for the late summers. Long winter coats looks amazing in Fall, however when it gets really freezing cold the only option are the padded thick winter jackets (comfy first!) Finally, a nice suede or leather tote bag with shoulder straps finishes off the look. 

You might get the idea on the style that I am looking for: sophisticated, smart-casual and professional. I am not sure about the shoes and bag, as I am afraid they are not as high-quality and comfortable as I expect. But overall, I am really impressed with the collection and I can't wait to finally get a job to be able to afford (majority of) this!

Actually, before I post this, I just went shopping today with a very light hand, and bought these two items below, which I adore! They have 20% student discount at the moment, which is always a nice deal!