Beauty Review • Soap & Glory Body Products

Soap & Glory is a famous drugstore brand at Boots that stands out for its creative, girly and funny packaging and products. Ever since moved to London, I never really wanted to splurge on it because I still had other body products to use. Why splurge? Because it is not cheap nor expensive. You could say the mid-rage, but the thought of €10 shower gel, is something you need to think twice. And ironically, it was when I decided to move in with my boyfriend in Ireland to splurge on Soap & Glory.  After all, I needed my own girly body products in a man's home. It was indeed the unusual packaging but also the scent that attracted me towards Soap & Glory and it could be said that these are my favourites!

 CLEAN ON ME. 500ml creamy, blush pink shower gel in a plastic bottle with a pump - which lasts forever. You could see I am almost at the half of the bottle with 4 months of using. Foams up so much with a shower puff + 4 pumps, that it feels like you are wrapped in a blanket of happiness and sprinkles. The scent is very strong, unique and hard to describe - sweet and mandarin. It claims that it has built-in body lotion and this is absolutely noticeable after showers. No more dry legs, but very moisturised and hydrated skin.

FLAKE AWAY. Perhaps one of their most popular products: an effective body scrub containing shea butter, sugar, peach seeds power, sea salt,  grape seed and almond oils, which gives the luxury spa feeling in the shower. The scent is similar to the shower gel, but a bit different. It is hard to put a finger on the strong scent, because for me it is just very nice and pleasant. It has so many different exfoliate particles that you feel it polishes your body. 
THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER. Body butter containing shea butter, aloe vera, cacao seed butter and coconut oil. Looks like a butter, but it feels more like a thick lotion. Again, a very strong scent that leaves the whole room smelling like that. It takes a moment to be fully absorbed, however the moisturiser is really effective because it makes my skin super soft afterwards. So soft that even my boyfriend notices the difference! 

YES MY FAV! Although the not so low prices, these are absolutely my favourite body products! The strong scent of all three products are fairly similar and the results are clearly noticeable. I find it hard to describe, but it is definitely towards the sweet, citrus and shea scent.  Moreover, the packaging and the usage of the products feels like a good pamper session at a spa. The products are effective and packaging looks super cute and girly too!