Beauty • Hair Change Is Good

Last year in December was the last time I have bleached my hair into a balayage. I was not too happy about it, as there was too much blonde in my dark asian hair. Then, a few months later I did a overall permanent brown from a pack and I just have let it grow.

The problem now are roots. You could clearly see my black, then brown hair with blonde. Not really pretty. Moreover, my hair has grown quite a bit and I'm a bit clueless with my hair. Are the following symptoms recognisable when you are clueless with your hair:

- My hair never looks good
- I don't know what to do with my hair
- It just sits there
- I always tie it back up
- Too lazy to style my hair
- My hair is dry AF

So before a Christmas Party and my graduation I decided to go to the hairdressers, Barry's Hair Studio in  Galway. The stylist, Louise, gave really good consult about what she could do with my hair.

Basically, I was quite tired with my blonde locks, especially when they were quite orange from colours, damaged and very dry. Louise proposed me to give it an all over colour same as my roots but still keep few of the blonde locks. It is a transition from my bleached balayage to my own natural own hair colour. And this is the result:



Tadaaaaaaa! I LOVE it! It has actually been the very first time I am really impressed by the work of a hairdresser. I did a little trim, went darker, but still left some bits and pieces of blonde here and there to make it less harsh and blocky, but more natural and subtle. 

The light brown is not totally washed out yet, as the darker colour is a semi-permanent and it will get ligher the more I wash my hair. However, I have been told that it takes several takes in order to wash out the brown completely. By the brown I mean not the blonde, but if you look closely on top of my head, you still can see the difference between the brown and my roots. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have never been so happy with my hair before. My hair is more healthy, smooth and overall it looks gorgeous. Louise did a fabulous job and I will go back to her again for a follow up colour! And their washing chairs include massages(!) 

Barry's Hair Studio, 34 Shop St, Galway, Ireland