Career • 7 Misconceptions About Graduates Job Hunting

 1: Graduated! What now? 
You have just handed your dissertation in and you are officially done with university! Let's celebrate! You have already decided to sit back, relax and do nothing at all for the coming months. 

Not really.

2 days later you are pressured by your family or friends to do something with your life - whether it's travelling or finding a job. Sitting at home is a no-no. Because of this pressure and people around you who are actually getting jobs, you unconsciously start to care. A week later you are updating your CV and cover letter. That was a nice week.. I guess?

 2: Creative CV 
Let's create a creative CV! Graphic non-traditional lay outs? Video CV? CV in a song? CV with a golden frame? Let's do this and get that job!

Not really.

You found out that with a lot of applications you need to apply through company recruitment portals or recruitment sites, in which you are required to manually fill the forms all over again and again for each different company.  Moreover, the size of your document is often too large for uploading (max 3mb): there goes your creative CV...

⇢ 3: My amazing profile
You've got both your Bachelor's and Master's degree in the pocket with First Class Honours. Not only do you have study abroad experiences, but you have internship experience at a well-known multinational as well. And growing up, you knew voluntary work and student board experiences will pay off in the future! Who could resist my beautiful resume though?

Not really.

Sure you have ticked all the boxes, but even with that amazing profile, in reality, companies are looking for experience ultimately."Entry Level job, required 2 years experience", doesn't it sound familiar? But as a fresh graduate, where are you going to get those experience whilst going to university? Do we need 4 x 6 months internships perhaps, to equal 2 years of work experience?

⇢ 4: First interviews? Yes, I am going to be hired! 

You have got your first 2 interviews in the pocket, yes! You are well prepared, because you have read several websites and books about job interviews and have done your necessary research about the company! So it is most likely that one of them would be your future employer.

Not really.

While you impressed them and you sounded so enthusiastic, one company did not want to hire anyone yet. And to the CEO of the other company, you said you wanted the salary of a finance (€€€)  internship instead of a marketing (€) one.. Ouch, such a blunder! #lessonlearnt. 

⇢ 5: Job hunting is easy 

Okay well, then you would just lower your expectations and look for jobs that are less of your level. Such as graduate internships or assistants jobs or even something that is not your first choice.You know that you can't find your dream job at your first try, but surely finding any fun job is easy!

Not really.

Job market is tight and while you surely can be flexible in terms of the key responsibilities, such as doing something you don't quite like or not having experience in the industry, companies have the total leverage power with one open vacancy and 250 applications. If one of them even fit the role slightly more than you, you are out.

⇢ 6: No reply or rejected? That's okay! 

You have already sent out 50 letters so far (excluding the one-click applications on Linkedin) and you heard only from 15 companies. You have read several standard rejections such as:

"However, at this time, we have concluded there is not a precise fit for your skills and abilities with the jobs we are currently seeking to fill."

"Unfortunately, on this occasion we are not in a position to consider your application further for ....." 

"We have reviewed your resume and at this time we do not have a position that fits your skills and experience."

And when you ask for feedback, this is the result: 

"Candidates with a better match applied." 

Wow, that is helpful feedback! This company is really considerate. Perhaps I could try again next time! 

Not really. 
Being rejected once or twice: okay fine. But when you get rejections over and over again with or without an interview- that hurts! It influences your confidence, motivation and your hope in finding a job. Feelings of stress, sadness and depression are inevitable. 

⇢ 7: On to the next round? I've got the job in the pocket! 
First interview went great and you are on to the next round! You've got the feeling that you will get this job in the pocket especially when you think you fit the profile perfectly. 

Not really. 
After the assessment in the second round they decided not to take you for a final interview. Even though their job advertisement said "creative writing", your assessment lacked a bit of analytical and numeric component. Well, that's that then if they want someone who has experience in creative writing and marketing and PR and be analytical and numerical and photoshop and blogging and on and on... 

Being invited for an interview is one thing, through to the next round another, however actually signing a contract is a whole other thing. Nothing is secure yet until you have got your contract. 

There is a huge gap between enrolled students looking for placements/internships and professionals who already got a proven track record of experience. In the middle, those are the graduates: ambitious and talented people who are ready to put theory into practise, but still struggling in finding a job. 

I am learning that job hunting is a process and it is a skill that you need to develop. You always learn something whether it's with a positive or negative experience.  Job hunting is hard, but allow yourself the time. Stay strong, don't give up and keep hunting! 


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