Marketing MADNESS • Coolest Brands in the UK 2016

Few of the coolest brands in the UK that are featured on

 Mövenpick Ice Cream 
Luxurious ice cream that is consistent in quality and taste. Filled with amazing ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Maracaibo cocoa from Venezuela, handcrafted caramel or hand-picked rasberries of the Héritage variety. 

Born out of a desire to change the bland, boring London gym scene, Gymbox is the to go fitness place for savvy urbanites. With a fanaticism for fitness and design, each of its gyms delivers an experience like nothing you've seen before. DJ's, neon signs, polo dances and electric timetable of classes that makes it unique. 

Covering more than 390 world's luxurious designer brands, such as Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci and Valentine and over 130 specialist beauty brands on their online web shop. They attract to a global audience of 6 million female luxury customers, fans and followers. 

The Saucy Fish Co.
How cool can fish be? With the mission to put more fish on dinner tables, The Saucy Fish Co. has transformed the way millions of Brits think about fish and continues to blaze a trail through the chiller aisles. The fact is, most people love a nice bit of fish, but find cooking it a bit daunting. The Saucy Fish Co. removes the troubles and offers a range of inspiring fish and sauce combinations to lick your fingers off. 

Not a unfamiliar brand. Creator of Nars is a makeup artist, photographer and iconoclast, continuing to bring high fashion, high style and forward thinking to beauty. Iconic colours such as Deep Throat and Orgasm Blushes and Laguna Bronzing Powder are known by all beauty junkies. 

Tangle Teezer 
What's the fuzz about Tangle Teezer? It's a hairbrush that has achieved cult status and is loved by hairstylists, influencers and celebrities. Innovation is the key to developing products that create expertise to solve problems. This tool changed the way how hair is treated. 

Green & Black's Organic 
Focussing on ethical and sustainable practices to develop real premium chocolate to the world. Sourcing chocolate from the finest cocoa beans in the Dominican Republic, this range includes chocolate bars, gift boxes, Easter eggs, ice cream and hot chocolate. With 18 unique bars to choose from, there's truly a flavour to suit any palate. 

6 Floors of carefully curated fashion, beauty and homewares. Turning from a store to a fully experience since 1875. Famous for its design, unique gift offering and shop windows. Liberty is situated in the heart of London's Regent Street shopping district and is one of the most iconic and individual stores in the world.