TV-series Shout Out: 3% - Best Series of this Year?

New is the first Brazilian tv-series and production on Netflix: 3%. I just finished watching this 8-episodes thriller and it was so good that I wanted to give it a shout out.

3% is about a dystopian world that is sharply defined by the poor and the elite, where people in their 20s are given the chance to escape from the slum to the so-called "Off shore". However, each year only 3% of the people can complete the Process and succeed. 

The story line is fantastic, as it is something new and innovative - at least something that I have never seen before. The divided problem in this series is a blow up from the real world, in which it's very interesting. Each episode surprised me again and again. The acting is very good too and it didn't bother me that it was in Portugese (I would recommend the Portugese/original version). 

This TV-series give me the vibe of The Hunger Games, as it also focuses between life and death. 

Overall this series was very entertaining to watch and I can say it is on my favourites list! 
I would highly recommend 3%. I can't wait for the next season!