Beauty • BH Cosmetics Be... by BubzBeauty Review

If you don't know BubzBeauty, Lindy or aka Bubbi is a beauty vlogger that I have been following for a long time. I am not the type to buy vlogger's merchandise, however when Lindy announced that she is going to launch her palette and the limited price offer of $12.50. Her swatches looked amazing and I ordered mine right away.

First of all, I like the concept of this palette, as it embraces beauty both inside and out. This is called Be... and inside you will find 12 shades, with each a different name that completes the quote of Bubbi: "Be whatever you want to be." Such as: 

- Be Grateful
- Be Inspired 
- Be Hopeful 
- Be Kind 

This is one of the main reasons why I support Lindy, because of her optimistic and positive character that reflects in her own palette. I find this amazing and unique because it empowers you every time whenever you apply the shadows whilst doing makeup. 12 empowering messages and beautiful colours for $12.50? That is a steal. 

The Be... palette consists of 12 eye shadow shades, varying from matte to satin and shimmery within both warm and cool ranges. I took 2 pictures in different day lights to show the true colours. Admittedly, the colours are much more vibrant in real life.

The palette has a very nice colour combination and you could see that there has been put a lot of thought in it. Packaging wise, it's not the greatest as it is made out of carton. It feels very light and not too sturdy. But, on the other hand we need to keep in mind that it is only £12.50. I do like it very much it has a mirror because I actually do use it whilst doing makeup.

So here are the 12 swatches.

Happy - light silver satin finish
Grateful - blush pink satin finish with a bit of gold glitters
Genuine - taupe satin finish
Optimistic - matte light cool brown
Inspired - matte cool dark brown
Bold - darker taupe satin finish
Charismatic - bronzy coppery shimmer
Thoughtful - deep satin warm brown
Able - satin rose gold
Confident - plum with light satin finish
Hopeful - shimmery white gold
 Kind - lilac satin finish

OPINION: Not amazed by it.
While I do like the colour combination, Bubbi and the deeper meaning of this palette, I need to say that I am not amazed by this palette. I was quite surprised with the quality of the shadow itself -  the shadows lack pigmentation, which makes the shadows harder to work with. As for the swatches above, I really had to pack the shade on several times. On the eyes, the pigmentation is again quite on the sheer side and the colours look a bit off and dull on the eyes.  Moreover, while few of the shadows feel velvety, in particular the matte shades, overall the texture isn't super smooth. When I try to blend different kind of colours, it just makes the whole eye look very messy and look like it's just a mess of colours.

The pigmentation and pay off is the main reason why I am not too fond of this as I find it not easy to work with. Some colours are better off on its own or some only for layering. I loved the colour of Able, however the colour pay off isn't as beautiful on the eyes as in the pan, and this is the biggest problem I have with the palette. This palette is made for day & night looks, however in my opinion, this is definitely not palette for night looks, because again, the colour pay off is really sheer.

Therefore, I think these shadows are the best as layering shadows on top of cream-based or other shadows. Applying the shadows with primer, wet or layering on top of other (cream-based) shadows is the best. I think the plum/purple and lilac ones are colours out of my comfort zone, but just like BubzBeauty showed on her vlogs, it is definitely a pop of colour to add on the lower lash line.

 I was one of the first to get this palette, but I gave it a lot of time to test this palette. I am overall quite disappointed of the sheer colour pay off of the palette. The concept is amazing, colours look amazing, but on the eyes it's really sheer, not vibrant and not as easy to work with compared to other palettes that I own. Such a bummer. 

It's such a waste if I don't use it, so I mostly use it for work, which is quite neutral and nice. I would say I regret buying this palette - I rather would have opted for another Sleek eyeshadow palette, which is on the same price point and better quality. Sorry Bubz! - But I love your vlogs! X