Career • My Learnings as I enter the Business World

It has been few months since I have written my article: 7 Misconceptions About Graduates Job Hunting. Click here if you want to read the article. Now I am a few months further and where am I actually? Have I finally reached my goal?

From the beginning, I have been applying systematically for a job: started with consultancy, followed by jr. positions, then assistants, but I ended with an internship. Perhaps I set my goals too high, or maybe it was also because my sister has put ideas in my head that I was a top tier student from university and that I was very wanted by top companies. I know she meant it all good, but truth to be told: the reality is different.  If I look back, I regret listening to her - or being influenced by her. I would have been better off, with taking 10 little steps rather than 1 big step, career wise. I pushed myself in a direction that I don't even know if that's what I really wanted...

And so, with the thought of that I need at least 1 year of work experience first before I could get any job, I decided to go below my level and started my marketing internship at a FMCG-company. Sure some people might think I am exploited, while others could defend it is a learning experience. I am working full time and I am probably getting 30% of a normal pay, but do take into account that I also have 20% of the responsibility and am 99% allowed to make mistakes. At first, I thought it would be a piece of a cake (because I have previous internship experience), but I underestimated it. And I am glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have settled my expectations and learned so much, even it's not directly linked to competences.


 I am building my perseverance.
With over 100+ applications and 95% rejections, I have learned to deal with rejections. Yes it sucks, but oh well, let's move on and focus on the better. I always say this to myself: if it's not a match, then it isn't. 

A whole new world. 

I have always focused on one certain type of job, but now I am starting to questions myself whether that is really what I want. My internship is a perfect moment to discover other possibilities are out here within this field and learn more about it. Not only about the different kinds of functions, but also the option between working at a brand (in-house) or an agency.

Introduction to business politics.
Luckily the influence of business politics in my current company is not that bad, however the more corporate the company is, the more likely people will kiss asses. This is also a learning for me: do I fit in the corporate world or am I more leaning towards a start up? 

Especially in these hard times of finding a job, knowing people who could possibly lead towards a job is very important. No, it is not kissing asses, but it is a way to broaden your horizon, only if you have a genuine attitude towards it. How can people smell you are looking for a job if you now make yourself known? Because of it, I went out of my comfort zone and started talking to people and showed my genuine interests. Plus, another advantage improving your social skills too. 

The moral of the story is, if you haven't found a job right after your graduation, it is okay. It is a learning curve. As long as you keep learning and developing through various ways, I strongly believe you will find the job. It just takes time and the right timing. Don't give up and grab all the learning opportunities as you can. :)