What makes Hong Kong stand out?

"Everywhere I go, becomes a part of me somehow..." - 10.000 Buddha Monastery in Shatin 
The last year was a quiet year on my blog, however I haven't been sitting still! To cut right to the chase: I have moved to Hong Kong for 9 months and now I am back in the Netherlands again. I have got so much to share, to start off:

What makes Hong Kong stand out? 

In the summer months, it's incredibly hot and humid. While I was exploring on the first few days I thought I was going to faint because it was that hot. Not kidding. I couldn't understand how people could just walk around in suits and have loose long hair. Finally I got a little bit used to it, but eventually I also got a mini fan (the portable one that you can bring around with you)... 

There are so many people from different nationalities and the contrast is even bigger because you can tell when someone is Asian or Western. Especially on Hong Kong Island, there are many foreigners because of their work and the community. I experience most of the international people are like super open and friendly as they have a mindset of looking for friends and social activities too. 

My take on juxtaposition - somewhere in Kowloon
Old meets new 
HK is often described as "old meets new" and I finally understood this when I lived there. There are so many old buildings and local neighbourhoods but if you go to the other side it's immediately very modern, urban and trendy. It's a mix of old and new and you can find it everywhere. Also on the road: you see old minibuses as well as the newer double decker busses. 

What I also really like about this city is the versatility. Just within an hour you can find a hiking trail on the mountains and after all the effort you can rest and cool down at the beach. Getting hungry? Go back and within an hour you can go to the foodcourt in a shopping mall to get your lunch. While you are walking through the shopping mall you see new Nikes that you really want.  Quickly go home,  take a shower and change to get ready to meet your friends in Lan Kwai Fong (night life spot) for drinks. Did I make it clear that you will never get bored in this exciting city?! 
One of my very first hikes on Sharp Island - Sai Kung 
If someone asks me 'what are you going to miss in Hong Kong?'  I would say the convenience. I am not living in the centre, however it takes me only 20 min to go to Mong Kok or 30 min to Central. I lived above a shopping centre and MTR Station. Meaning, within 5 minutes I got into a train, within 5 minutes I got my dinner from Coral de Cafe and within 5 minutes I get to grab a coffee and shop around in the shopping mall. There are so many food options, so many stores and there is always a convenience store in your 360 sight. 
Fishermen village Sai Kung