Twenty years and still counting...

Dear Jet, 

Thank you for being my Dutch childhood friend. 
Where I could always have lunch at your place during our school break and play with barbies. For teaching me Western dining ethics and inviting me to go over to your grandma to eat my first "stampot" ever. For being my childhood companion. 

Thank you for holding onto me. 
When the distance between us became bigger and when we parted our ways in high school, you seemed to found your way back to me and kept holding onto me. Taking initiative to meet up, showing interest and care for me. Thanks for lifting me up every time when I was feeling down. 

Thank you for being my coach. 
My hobby is to ramble and you always know how to rephrase my words and feelings in something that made sense. I love the fact that you always understand me yet at the same time seeing things in different perspectives. Hitting the right spot by asking the right questions. For having the general knowledge and help to develop my communication skills and teach me how human beings behave.

Thank you for being you. 
Someone who is ambitious, critical, driven, sarcastic and funny at the same time. I am sorry that my humor-resist-level grew and you can't pull out stupid pranks on me anymore. You know exactly what you want in life, but you are also not afraid to show your vulnerable side and be honest about your feelings. That is what I truly admire about you. 

You are a true loyal friend whom I appreciate so much. I love you.