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What makes Hong Kong stand out?

The last year was a quiet year on my blog, however I haven't been sitting still! To cut right to the chase: I have moved to Hong Kong for 9 months and now I am back in the Netherlands again. I have got so much to share, to start off:
What makes Hong Kong stand out? Weather  In the summer months, it's incredibly hot and humid. While I was exploring on the first few days I thought I was going to faint because it was that hot. Not kidding. I couldn't understand how people could just walk around in suits and have loose long hair. Finally I got a little bit used to it, but eventually I also got a mini fan (the portable one that you can bring around with you)... 
International There are so many people from different nationalities and the contrast is even bigger because you can tell when someone is Asian or Western. Especially on Hong Kong Island, there are many foreigners because of their work and the community. I experience most of the international people are like super open a…

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