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A Weekend in Macau

Few months ago while I was living in Hong Kong, I went to Macau for a weekend. I have downloaded iDiscover Macau, which is an app with walking routes that allows you to explore cities in Southeast Asia. It's very handy, because you don't need to do anymore research basically and just visit all the points of interests in the app to have a good understanding of what a neighbourhood has to offer. Here is my photo diary of Macau in 2 days.
Day 1 - Tapia Village  Day 2 - St. Lazarus If you are in Macau... you need to visit the super extravagant casinos, eat Portugese egg tart, taste free samples of beef jerky & almond cookies, stroll whole day in the luxurious Venetian and buy nothing, watch an epic love story The House of Dancing Water, and take a picture of one of many pastel coloured buildings with beautiful architecture.

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